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GA-75 air compressor by Atlas Copco

Here at Rashid Enterprise, we proudly source products and parts from the most reliable, reputable brands in the industry. One such brand, Atlas Copco, manufactures energy-efficient, top-quality air compressors for a range of industries, including textile & composite, food & beverage processing, chemical processing etc.

Atlas Copco’s compressors feature sophisticated air technology that eliminates the need for expensive filter replacements and oil condensate treatments, thereby reducing overall operating costs and ensuring streamlined, efficient operation. These air compressors also reduce the risk of leaks and energy loss from pressure drops in filters, allowing for additional cost savings. In turn, this elimination of the need for condensate treatment provides significant environmental benefits, allowing for easy compliance with strict international regulations. Atlas Copco products are specifically designed for maximized energy savings, keeping down overall costs.

Atlas Copco’s GA compressors bring you outstanding performance, flexible operation and the highest productivity, while minimizing the total cost of ownership. With a choice of 3 premium compressor series you will certianly find the compressed air solution that perfectly matches your requirements. Built to perform even in the harchest environments, our products keep your production running efficiently. Available with standard TEFC and energy saving variable speed drive (VSD) motors.   

G55 screw air compressor in Bangladesh
GA37 VSD air compressor in Bangladesh
Atlas Copco Genuine Parts in Bangladesh
Original Roto Xtend Duty lubricant fluid in Bangladesh

Every Atlas Copco machine is a complicated system which require, sometimes even hundreds of different parts and elements to work together fluently and efficiently. If the working conditions are adjusted to the manufacturer's requirements, and maintenance is done regularly machine will work fine for long time, and there is nothing to worry about. But after many years, or rather thousands of working hours some elements of this system might simply use up. In those rare cases it is always advised to replace them with original parts. Only original parts give you guarantee that system will work again as efficiently as just after initial startup.

Preventive maintenance will help to minimize or eliminate down-time for your compressed air systems. Our technicians have the skills and knowledge to keep your system running efficiently.​

No matter the objective, we are fully-trained and ready to meet your compressed air system requirements. From purchase to install to maintenance and repair, we will create a complete solution customized for you.

Atlas Copco Genuine Service in Bangladesh
Atlas Copco service oil separator in Bangladesh

'FINI' Oil injection rotary screw compressors, with belt transmission and power values from 7.5 to 75 kW. Available with various set-ups, these high-efficiency compressors are extremely quiet thanks to the low rotating speed of the pumping unit and their “Premium Efficiency” IE3 motors. Machines with power values starting from 18.5 kW, featuring the ETIV electronic controller, can be fitted with the SMS remote control system for the compressor via the internet. Ongoing investment in technical and product innovation has led Fini to boost its product offer in the industrial sector with the introduction of the new K-MAX range: rotary screw compressors with direct transmission without gears, 22 and 37 kW power values, latest-generation ETIV electronic controllers and "Premium Efficiency" IE3 motors.

The K-MAX compressors have been designed to minimise energy costs without affecting performance. The modularity and flexibility of these products provide multiple solutions to satisfy the needs of different users: with or without dryer, in a fixed or variable speed version. The direct transmission reduces energy consumption by up to 4% compared to belt transmission compressors, as it is more efficient. Having no belts or elastic joints means that transmission parts do not require any maintenance, which improves the compressor's reliability. Moreover, our K-MAX compressors are extremely quiet: they employ efficient soundproofing materials that make them suitable for installation also near the workstation.

FINI official logo in Bangladesh
FINI made in Italy
Italian FINI Screw Air Compressors
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