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Cast iron piston compressors
ATB series / oil-lubricated
(2-15 hp / 1.5-11 kW)

Quality you can count on

Small businesses have big responsibilities. The Atlas Copco ATB delivers
the quality compressed air you need to get the job done. All day, every day.
These cast iron piston compressors are built to your needs and will give
you a lifetime of Atlas Copco performance and reliability.



  • High-efficiency, MEPS compliant IP55 motor. 

  • Stainless steel valves and valve plates minimize energy losses.


Easy to use

  • Large sight glass on the pump makes it easy to check the oil level.

  • Single phase models are delivered with filter regulator and quick couplings.

  • 2 and 3 hp units come with filter regulator and hand bar panel for easy control.

Easy to move 

  • Comes with built-in forklift feet. 

  • Single-phase units are equipped with two solid rubber wheels and two rubber feet.


  • Condor pressure switch installed on all models. 

  • Slow-turning, super strong cast iron pumps with 1 year warranty.

  • Shaft, connecting rod and cylinders are also made of cast iron.

  • Cylinder heads with deep cooling fins, cast iron flywheel and

  • copper outlet pipe ensure strong cooling.

Atlas Copco logo
Atlas Copco piston air compressor
Atlas Copco piston air compressor
Atlas Copco piston air compressor

The Italian FINI brand has more than 60 years of history and is one of the most important companies in the world in the field of professional and industrial compressed air. Synonymous with quality and professionalism, FINI not only signs one of the most comprehensive ranges in the field of alternative piston compressors, satisfying the needs of both professional users and advanced hobbyists, but above all it is one of the reference brands in the field of industrial compressed air worldwide. All FINI products are made with the highest quality standards by using leading-edge technology available on the market, both in terms of materials and manufacturing processes. Strict quality and operating tests are carried out throughout all the stages of production.

Fini has one of the most complete ranges in the alternative piston compressor sector. Our range includes coaxial and belt-driven compressors: from 0.55 to 20 HP for lubricated ones and from 0.55 to 2.2 HP for oilless ones.

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Performance List

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Italian FINI Advanced piston air compressor

Budget-friendly Air Compressors upto 20HP

China origin Disen Piston Air Compressor
Disen Piston Air Compressor China
Chinese Jiebao brand piston air compressor
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