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Rashid Enterprise, a diverse supplier of world class quality commercial and industrial machinery products and solutions, is an established and proven company, well positioned for steady, long-term growth and committed to investing and maintaining high quality, reliable products and exceptional customer service.

Founded in 1952 (formerly known as Jubilee Machinery & Electric Stores), Rashid Enterprise is one of the oldest and most diversified importer & supplier of products and solutions in Bangladesh for all kinds of industrial & commercial compressed air, residential & municipal light construction work, residential & industrial water supply & treatment, commercial cleaning & auto servicing.

To support and maintain all of these products, Rashid Enterprise has a complete team of more than 100 trained and dedicated sales personnels and a group of qualified engineers and technicians for providing 24/7 customer support. Rashid Enterprise also employed expert marketing team who always monitors overall sales activities, maintains constant contact and friendly relation with existing & potential new customers and works hard to promote new products  in the local market. 


At Rashid Enterprise, knowledgeable sales, marketing and support personnels are just a phone call away to consult you regarding various aspects on your industrial needs such as site survey, selection of proper machine and models according to your company's requirement in terms of possible future growth, pricing, delivery, installation, commissioning, after sales support, servicing, repairing, maintenance, spare parts supply and backup etc. 


Products At A Glance

Air Compressors

  • Reciprocating Piston Air Compressors

  • Rotary Screw Air Compressors

  • Refrigerant Air Dryers

  • Filters

Small Construction Equipments

  • Soil Compaction Equipments

  1. Tamping Rammer​s

  2. Plate Compactors

  3. Road Roller

  • Concreting & Leveling Equipments​

  1. Concrete Mixer Machine​

  2. Concrete Vibrator Hose

  3. Power Trowel

  4. Surface Finishing Screed

  • Steel Bar Cutter & Bender​

  • Concrete Cutter

  • Road Marking Machine

  • Wall Plastering Machine

Water Pumps

  • Centrifugal Water Pump

  • Submersible Water Pumps

  • Sewage Pumps

  • Pressure Pump

  • Vertical Multistage Pump


  • AC Arc Welding Machine

  • Tyre Changer

  • Vacuum Cleaners

  • High Pressure Washer

  • Grinding Machine

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